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Operating a boat club presents many challenges.  You likely have multiple tiers of boats, a complex mix of membership plans, and you may even have multiple locations.  Certain members can only use certain types of boats on certain days at certain times.  Are you searching for a scheduling solution?  We’ve listened very closely to this explosive segment of the industry - and we delivered an incredible web application to suit your needs. Whether you are currently using phone-in reservations posted to a whiteboard, or you have tried to tweak a generic booking engine you found online - you owe it to yourself to explore ClubHub.  ClubHub was built from a blank canvas - SPECIFICALLY for boat clubs.  This is NOT a modified version of something that works for hair salons.  This is a seriously complex tool that simplifies the management of your club in four simple, yet intuitive modules. Here they are: 1. Fleet Scheduling Grid - This is your virtual whiteboard that updates itself in real time.  Whether customers are making reservations on their own, or your staff is booking them in-house - they are all overlayed on a daily grid by boat and times in and out. 2. ClubHub Dashboard - This module lists out all member reservations in chronological order for any given day - giving your staff a “real-time ticker” of all reservations - which can be filtered by day and location.  It even lists out all fleet boats that are “out” with members. 3. Fleet Boats Module - A “simple” tool where you manage your fleet of boats.  Assign them to a custom tier level or group of boats.  Assign them to a location. You can even categorize the boats by type - like pontoons, runabouts, etc. 4. Plans, Periods & Operations - This is where things get crazy.  You have unique hours of operation - likely with split seasons. You have unique usage periods - unique member restrictions, complex plan types - and you need a system to make it all make sense when it comes to “who can use which boats on what days at what times.”  We can’t wait to show you how this complex network of data relationships makes reservations so simple for all users.
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